Hi Curious!


We all started being curious as the human mind is always wondering, asking questions, wanting to know more about many things yet is unable find answers.

Questions like Who am I? What is the purpose of life? Where am I going? Is there a heaven and hell? Most importantly of all is there a God?

If these are the questions that you have been asking silently to yourself then you have reached the right location. Move on to the Middle Circle – HUMAN RELATIONS APPROACH if you wish to know more or EXIT if you think this is not the right page for you.

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This website is dedicated to Gopal, who has been instrumental in guiding us through our spiritual journey, by moulding and shaping our lives based on the guiding principles he set for us. He calls it the “Human Relations Approach To God”

Just as there are many rivers that lead to the ocean, there are many paths to reach self-realisation. "The Human Relations Approach to God” is yet another path that Gopal has shown us. As seekers on this spiritual journey we would like to share with you this wonderful journey of self discovery.